What taste experiences would you like to have in the library?

Nowadays an increasing amount of libraries offer a restaurant or café. It’s time we started thinking about the menu that is served there! Instead of standard meals that are available everywhere, we could serve dishes that are inspired by the context or history of the building, or recreate meals from famous books and movies. To strengthen the sense of community, we could also use local produce and suppliers or think up contemporary versions of traditional local and regional recipes, much like the Food Curators have done for the Dutch Zuiderzee Museum. Based on the history and customs of the region, these two designers have created a new menu for the Museum, using traditional ingredients. So now the food that is served there also brings back memories of the past.

Wouldn’t it be great to do something similar in the library restaurant and literally offer people some ‘food for thought’?

We’re showing a few examples here that we find interesting. Do you have other interesting examples? Please let us know, so we can place them on the website!